An overhead view of Mongstad Industrial Park

Showcasing the Region’s Best Properties: Invest in Bergen’s Digital Brochure

Invest in Bergen has published a comprehensive digital brochure displaying 17 all-inclusive industrial and commercial parks within Greater Bergen. Situated throughout the region, these industrial and commercial parks offer a wide range of amenities for companies in a variety of industries.

This brochure will more than likely appeal to businesses operating in several categories, according to Vidar Totland, senior project director at Invest in Bergen. “This will definitely interest industrial production and logistics companies, as well as data centres,” he added.


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The digital brochure also provides an overview of the business regions within the city of Bergen and thereabouts. It highlights many of the key development projects in the region and the businesses that have already established themselves at these parks, thereby adding to its allure.      

“It is appealing to be a part of an industrial ecosystem, especially when one can have its needs met while also meeting the needs of other companies along the value chain and within the parks,” said Totland.

Unique Selling Points

A selling point for these parks is the accessibility that they provide.

“Several of these parks can be found along major roads, with many having seafronts with reliable harbours and quays,” said Toteland

Being situated on Norway’s western coast, several of these areas have their own docks (with all the associated services), enabling easy access via ship. In addition, while these commercial areas are located outside of Bergen’s city centre, they are easily accessible by road. Currently, there are several major roads that provide access to these commercial areas, such as the E39 (which is currently being extended and upgraded), E16, National Road 13 and County Road 562.

Among other things, this region is known for being the country’s biggest producer of hydroelectricity. This abundance of hydroelectricity adds to the appeal of these parks, particularly for companies within power-intensive industries or with hydropower-based business models.

“When considering that this region is involved in the green shift, hydroelectricity is a key factor,” said Totland.


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Exciting projects

As this region embraces the shift towards sustainability, several key projects are being undertaken at these parks.

An example of this is the Northern Lights project, a large-scale collaborative Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) scheme. From 2024 onwards, the CCB Energy Park will play a key role in this project, which will ultimately help in decarbonising several industries in Norway and contribute to a net-zero impact model.

Another example is the Hywind Tampen project, a floating windfarm project which will serve as a proving ground for future development. The Sløvåg Industrial Park will serve as the assembly site for this project in 2022.  

According to Vidar Totland, these sustainability projects will make these parks even more appealing for companies looking to establish themselves in Greater Bergen.

“There’s a substantial appeal to be a part of the ecosystem in these parks. With these kinds of projects, there’s plenty of opportunities for organisations to become part of the relevant value chains,” added Totland.

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