Mongstad Industrial Park wants to become the “green spot” of Norway, by offering favourable conditions for sustainable businesses.

Seeking fresh companies for huge industrial park

One of Norway’s largest industrial parks has launched a new online platform, and is encouraging new companies to join its vibrant business environment.

Mongstad Industrial Park is within easy reach of Bergen, and boasts 4,900,000 sqm of space available for new businesses both large and small.

A range of local partners have now joined together to market these vast areas of industrial land to interested companies around the world.

The industrial park is home to the country’s biggest oil refinery, a major supply port and an advanced carbon capture test centre.

The partnership has launched a new website, which includes an interactive tool for finding industrial sites at Mongstad. The aim is to make it easier for new companies to establish themselves within the park.  

The new website gives an overview of the huge areas available for new businesses at Mongstad Industrial Park.

Greenspot Mongstad

The partners are aiming to transform Mongstad Industrial Park into the “green spot” of Norway, by offering favourable conditions for sustainable business models.

Oil and gas have been the pillars of Norway’s industrial development for the last 50 years. Norwegian competence and experience have been important for the development of the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Today, Norway is at the forefront of developing reliable new energy solutions, enabled by existing know-how and technology. Mongstad Industrial Park is aiming to encourage further sustainable industrial development.

This could involve re‑using CO2 emissions from the refinery, or even producing hydrogen fuel for the local shipping industry. 

Together in championing Mongstad Industrial Park

Partners in the project include Equinor, Asset Buyout Partners, Technology Centre Mongstad, Nordhordland Business Association, Industry Development West, Invest in Bergen as well as Alver and Austrheim municipalities.

Baste Tveito, CEO of Nordhordland Business Association, says: “We are looking forward to welcoming new companies to this high-technology cluster, which is now firmly on the road to a greener future.”

Baste Tveito, CEO of Nordhordland Business Association

While Mongstad is known as one of Norway’s major oil and gas hubs, some green initiatives are already beginning to sprout in the area.

For instance, the area is home to Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM), the world’s largest facility for testing and improving CO2 capture technologies.

Businesses can access two different gases, resembling the outputs from both gas‑fired and coal‑fired power plants. So far, TCM has helped companies from around the world to develop solutions for lowering emissions.

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) offers the world’s most advanced and flexible test arena for CO2 capture technologies.

Mongstad’s new online identity

Invest in Bergen has led on developing the industrial park’s new website, which will help in marketing Mongstad to national and international companies.

Mongstad Industrial park has many excellent qualities:

  • 4,900,000 sqm – a huge area
  • access to a large electricity supply
  • deep water quays
  • waste handling
  • access to natural gas, hot water, methanol, naphtha and more.

Tone Hartvedt, from Invest in Bergen, says: “We believe that Mongstad is one of Norway’s most important commercial areas, for many reasons.

“With a significant power supply and large land areas, this site is able to accommodate even the largest international companies.

“The industrial park is already home to a strong industrial cluster including Equinor, Schlumberger and Halliburton, and any new companies entering the park would be able to benefit from this exciting and high-tech environment.”   

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