Ole Angell (left) and Lars Halvorsen from Semco Maritime.

Plans to create green energy from wind and waves

A company from Greater Bergen is partner in a project developing a new type of offshore windmill, which combines wind and wave power to generate renewable energy.

Semco Maritime has partnered up with the Norwegian company Floating Power Plant. They have been trialling new windmills during 2018, and has so far seen promising results for the technology. Could this be a new big industry in Norway?

“Being part of this project, we are aiming at gathering competence here in the region to take a position within offshore wind industry,” says Lars Halvorsen in Semco Maritime Norway.

“We have much competence in this area, and with the new windmills combined with wave power, I think we have great potential for developing the industry here.”

Semco Maritime Norway has its headquarters at Hanøytangen, an industrial area within Askøy municipality just outside Bergen.

Hanøytangen is a shipyard including one of Europe’s largest dry docks, and is perfectly positioned for operations in the North Sea.

Today, Semco Hanøytangen is engaged in maintenance and modification work for oil companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Uniting the industry

Semco Maritime Norway recently gathered together representatives from a number of industrial companies in Askøy, to discuss how they could expand into new markets within the wind industry.

As a Danish firm, Semco has prior experience of developing wind power. Norwegian companies can learn from this experience, while also contributing their own knowledge from years spent operating in the oil and gas industry.

Halvorsen believes that this would be a perfect match when developing a new wind industry on the coast of western Norway.

Semco Maritime is interested in building up a local wind power industry in the Bergen region. 

Positive feedback

Semco’s initiative to gather Askøy’s local industry together was received very positively. Those who were present at the meeting were all interested in seeking better cooperation in this area.

The companies at the meeting also got the chance to present themselves and their core business.

“It was very interesting listening to the presentations, and I think many of us learnt something about the competence we have here in the region, and also saw the possibilities for further development of wind power in the region”, says Halvorsen.

Companies who were present at the event included Bostek, Alsaker Stål, Karsten Moholt Inspection & Repair Group, Intermec and Frydenbø Industri – Bergen.

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