SafeStream is a innovative and new pump for fish. Photo: ©Mjøs Metallvarefabrikk AS

New Fish Pump givs better Fish Welfare and Profitability

Handling fish in the aquaculture industry often entails large financial losses in the form of damaged and dead fish. Calculations show a total annual turnover loss of around NOK 16 billion in the industry - and handling injuries make up a proportion of this.

‘The new fish pump technology SafeStream™ transports fish in a safer and more gentle way. Through tests the pump has been shown to reduce damage and mortality, which results in both significantly better fish welfare and increased profitability.’, says says CEO Bjørn Øvsthus in Mjøs Metallvarefabrikk AS .

The Right Equipment Provides Better Profitability

An important prerequisite for good profitability is also about choosing the right equipment. There are great values in living fish to be moved. SafeStream™ is designed to handle large quantities of living fish, and the pump has a large capacity and a lifting height of up to 10 meters. The pump can be mounted both on land, on a raft and on-board various vessels.

The Fish Pump of the Future

Since 2016, Mjøs Metallvarefabrikk AS has aimed to develop a new pumping principle for improved fish welfare and reduced production waste. Along with the journey, they have had several strong partners. After initial research and preliminary projects, a main project was established with support from Innovation Norway. The project has resulted in SafeStream™, and is now ready for the market.

‘We have been working on the development of the new fish pump technology for several years. After a long series of tests, both in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Research and fish farming companies, we are now finally ready to launch SafeStream™’, says Øvsthus. 

‘We want to offer our customers a profitable investment and contribute to more sustainable production and management of marine food resources. Throughout the product development phase, we have also placed great emphasis on sustainability for the product itself, through a robust fish pump with a long service life, and material choices that reflect reuse and recycling’.

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