Join us for THE OCEAN (c.o. THE OCEAN)

Invest in Bergen to attend THE OCEAN

Invest in Bergen will attend THE OCEAN 2021 conference. This annual event, held in Bergen, brings together leading marine research institutions and big-name firms in the ocean industries.

THE OCEAN is an arena for discoveries, connections and collaborations for academia, marine research institutions and firms in the ocean industries. The purpose of this conference is to share discoveries and cultivate new relations between the various actors in academia and the ocean industries. This will create ideas for the sustainable use of marine resources and strengthen the region’s maritime economy.

The ocean industries have played a key role in modernising Norway and developing its technological infrastructure. THE OCEAN serves as a platform where leading minds and innovators can discuss ways to sustainably use natural resources and develop new global markets for the Bergen region and the rest of Norway.

Greater Bergen is a key hub for the ocean industries. It is home to various clusters, large companies, investors, universities and research institutions all working towards developing sustainable solutions for the future.

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This year, THE OCEAN will be a hybrid event. It will be held at Grieghallen in central Bergen and streamed live for attendees living outside of Bergen.

Join us and learn more about new, state-of-the-art solutions and the future of the ocean industries.