Invest in Bergen publishes Commercial Areas Brochure

Invest in Bergen is publishing a brand new digital brochure of Greater Bergen’s industrial and commercial areas. This web publication will offer a thorough overview of all the various commercial properties currently available in the region.

The brochure will provide a comprehensive description of 17 different sites throughout the Greater Bergen region, which consists of the city of Bergen and other municipalities within Bergen’s vicinity.

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The Commercial Areas and their Features

These commercial areas are equipped with a wide range of amenities for firms in various industries. In addition to these amenities, they also offer the use of an already established on-site infrastructure with other associated benefits.

Several of these properties are located along western Norway’s coastline, with access to state-of-the-art port facilities. These facilities offer maritime access and quay services to companies involved in shipping and ocean transportation.

There are also warehouse and logistics properties that are available. Each of these properties come equipped with their own range of services, including a reliable water and electricity supply.   

Invest in Bergen is also presenting two sites for data centres. Both come equipped with an abundant power source and are easily reachable.

Ongoing Projects

Multiple firms have already established operations at these commercial properties, with various projects underway.

The Hywind Tampen project, the world’s first floating wind farm, will begin assembly in 2022 at the Sløvåg Industrial Park, which is among the listed parks in the brochure. Another example is the Northern Lights project, which is a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project sponsored by Equinor. This project will conduct a large bulk of its processing at the CCB Energy Park, also among the listed properties.

Collaborative Efforts

This brochure is the result of a joint project involving Invest in Bergen, the city of Bergen, external municipalities where these commercial areas are located, property owners and companies that are currently operating in these regions.

“This brochure was a cooperative endeavour. More than that, it’s a glimpse into what Greater Bergen has to offer companies and the potential these properties have for future business development,” said Invest in Bergen’s Tone Hartvedt.

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