Terje W. Gilje, the CEO of BOB BBL (far right), together with Anders Brekke, the company's Head of Business Development (middle).

New business cluster wants to change how you live

A new business cluster in Bergen is aiming to change how we buy, sell, build and manage our homes and offices.

The Proptech Innovation cluster wants to use new technology, such as blockchain and the Internet of Things, to improve the way property services work.      

The cluster has been initiated by one of the nation’s largest housing cooperatives, BOB BBL, and includes 25 companies from across the Bergen region’s property sector.

Terje W. Gilje, the CEO of BOB, says: “Digitalization is challenging us, and our member companies, in the ways that we think and act.”

“We believe there is a great opportunity here to use new technology to change the way that we run and manage our properties.”

Working together

The cluster contains international giants, such as Deloitte and KPMG, together with local heavyweights like BKK and Frydenbø.

Proptech Innovation also counts a number of educational institutions as members, such as the University of Bergen and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

These organizations will work together on shared projects that will change the way buildings are bought, sold and managed.

“We want to make Greater Bergen into one of the leading centres for innovation in city planning, community development and smart consumer solutions within the property sector,” Gilje explains.

“Our ambition is to create a shared arena, where companies can develop new products and services that will have an impact not only nationally, but also internationally.”

“To sum up, our cluster will build up the property sector in smarter, more profitable and more future‑facing way.”

The new cluster will work together on innovative projects that will change the way buildings and bought, sold and managed.

An innovative environment

Proptech Innovation is not the only cluster to call the Bergen region home.

The property group is joined by other organizations including GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, NCE Media and NCE Finance Innovation.

These clusters bring industry members together with research institutions, investors and local government, helping to drive innovation at a much faster pace.

Gilje states: “Similarly to the media, finance and seafood industries, more and more players within property and related sectors are acknowledging that we must work together.”

“This is both about helping individual businesses to collaborate in new ways, and about developing new ecosystems to propel the growth of the industry.”

“We are already seeing that this gives results,” he concludes.

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