Don't miss THE OCEAN 2020 digital conference!

THE OCEAN 2020 is an innovative event on 17 September that seeks to drive collaboration and crossovers within the ocean industries.

This digital conference will bring together high-profile speakers from blue sectors such as seafood, shipping and energy. There will also be break-out sessions and workshops where you can network and make new connections.

The conference comes to you from Bergen, known as the “ocean capital” of Norway – a place that is shaping the future of the blue economy. During the event, you’ll get to hear more about topics such as:

  • autonomous ships
  • offshore fish-farming
  • producing hydrogen at sea
  • ...and much more.

You can read more about the programme or check out the speakers here.

Register for THE OCEAN 2020

P.S - are you already planning to attend? We'll have a digital stand at the conference on 17 September, please do come by for a look!

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