Future Week 21 will host and live-stream over 50 events in three locations - Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger (Photo c/o Invest in Bergen)

Future Week 21 opens at Media City Bergen

Future Week 21 opened at Media City Bergen today. This annual tech festival gathers journalists, designers, developers, executives, students, and media and technology enthusiasts.

The festival consists of a week of presentations, knowledge sharing and open discussions. These touch on themes related to how media technology will shape our future.  

This year, there will be over 50 research seminars, workshops, popup talks, demos, presentations and more. In addition, several of these events will be live-streamed. This will allow audiences to participate from three different locations – Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger.  

Find out what’s in store at Future Week 21!

“Future Week holds activities within a wide range of topics - everything from the bits and bytes in media tech, to the grand questions of our time,” said Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media. She added that Future Week is also “a platform for collaboration and innovation”.

The festival opened with “The future is wireless – 5G and emerging technologies”. This presentation was on the emergence of 5G technology and how it could influence various industries moving forward.

Future Week began in 2017 by the NCE media cluster members. They sought a platform to discuss the future of the media landscape as it is continually shaped by new technologies. Its focus has traditionally revolved around the future of journalism, storytelling formats and democracy itself.

 Host Kristian Bruarøy (l) interviewing Espen Slette (r) on the significance of 5G (Photo c/o Invest in Bergen)

Bård Myhre explaining why 5G is “more than faster 4G” (Photo c/o Invest in Bergen)

Vimond was among the NCE Media Cluster companies present at Future Week 21 (Photo c/o Invest in Bergen)

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