The Maritime Hybrid, Electric & Hydrogen Fuel Cells Conference is held annually in Bergen (Photo c/o Riviera Maritime Media)

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The ocean industries are vital in Greater Bergen. That is why the city of Bergen hosts the annual Maritime Hybrid, Electric & Hydrogen Fuel Cells Conference.

The Maritime Hybrid, Electric & Hydrogen Fuel Cells Conference gathers the leading experts and organisations in the maritime sector. It serves as a platform to present innovations and discuss how to decarbonise the sector through clean technologies.

 Invest in Bergen will attend this year’s conference, which will be held between October 18th-20th.  

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This year’s conference will cover innovations in battery and fuel cell technology, the benefits of electrification and more. It will also include presentations, open discussions, Q&A panels, and opportunities to network and connect with industry peers.

The Maritime CleanTech Environment

Greater Bergen is home to a comprehensive maritime ecosystem, which includes firms in Maritime CleanTech.

These firms are at the forefront of developing new technologies with greatly reduced carbon emissions. They are contributing to the electrification of the Norwegian ferry fleet and are adapting these technologies towards other industries, such as the cruise and subsea sectors.

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