Tone Hartvedt from Invest in Bergen says that The Ocean will be a space to work together on common problems, and spark off new ideas.

An exciting arena for new, blue ideas

Bergen and the western part of Norway are taking a lead in developing new, sustainable technology for the future, across the ocean industries.

If you want to learn more about what’s going on, I’m looking forward to seeing you at The Ocean. We’re excited to be supporting this event, which will be making waves in Bergen this autumn.

The one-day conference will showcase the best new developments from western Norway’s ocean industries – including sectors such as seafood, maritime and energy.

It will create a space for companies and researchers to work together on common problems, and spark off new ideas. When these sectors work together, there’s surely no limit to what they can achieve.

Visitors can look forward to a packed programme of talks, meetings, and even a “speed‑dating” session, which is sure to be interesting.

Greater collaboration in future

The west coast of Norway is already bursting with examples of collaborations and crossovers between the blue industries.

This includes subsea camera makers who are working with the fish farming industry, or oil service companies who are now moving into offshore wind.

The Ocean will profile some of these exciting partnerships, as well as looking ahead to where blue collaboration could happen in future.

One of the highlights of the conference will be a "reverse-pitching" session, where companies can set out ocean-related problems that are yet to be solved, and call on attendees to provide solutions.

I can't wait to see what new developments this will lead to in our region.


The Ocean will focus on big challenges, such as the need to reduce carbon emissions or feed the world’s growing population. Photo © NCE Maritime CleanTech.

The only thing missing is YOU

At Invest in Bergen, we believe there's space for more innovative companies that can take part in solving the big issues of tomorrow.

There are still big challenges to be overcome, such as the need to lower carbon emissions, or to feed the world’s growing population.

We hope that The Ocean will provide a forum for tackling some of these issues.

We also hope that it will send a message to businesspeople, researchers and company founders around the world. It is here, in Greater Bergen, that they can make a difference.


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