(l-r) Webinar hosts Tone Hartvedt (Invest in Bergen) and Anri Håvard Hebib (Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Invest in Bergen to host webinar at NASF 2021

Invest in Bergen is set to host a webinar at this year's North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF 2021). This webinar will be part of NASF 2021’s digital conference, which will be the first time this event is being held online.

Entitled “The Aquacultural Crystal Ball: Digitalisation, A.I., Biology and Finance”, the theme of this webinar will revolve around the aquacultural industry in Greater Bergen, the challenges it currently faces, and the efforts being made to meet these challenges.

The webinar will also explore the possibilities available to companies aiming to solve these challenges within the aquacultural industry. Companies with the required competencies would be able to establish themselves in Greater Bergen.

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The webinar, which will be held in collaboration with the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will also explore the role of banking and investment in the aquacultural industry.

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Webinar Attendees

With the aquacultural industry being so diverse, the webinar will host guests from various points of its value chain. In attendance, there will be:

  • Maria Helsengreen (Partner, EY)
  • Jørn Torsvik (General Manager, AquaCloud)
  • Ragnhild Janbu Fresvik (Executive Vice-President, Corporate Market, Sparebank Vest)

Driving Norway’s status as a frontrunner in sustainable fish farming, Greater Bergen has contributed significantly to the growth of aquaculture worldwide. In addition to this, this year’s NASF event will allow both delegates and attendees to effectively network and confer on a range of relevant themes.

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