Linn Mevold (l) interviewing Tone Hartvedt from Invest in Bergen (r) about THE OCEAN and the ocean industries in Greater Bergen (Photo c/o Invest in Bergen)

Invest in Bergen joins in THE OCEAN podcast

Invest in Bergen attended THE OCEAN conference. This event brought together renowned leaders, innovators, academics, and entrepreneurs within the ocean industries for two days of presentations and knowledge sharing.

In addition, conference partner PwC Norway launched their Partnerstudio. This provided a platform for other key figures in the ocean industries to share their thoughts and offer commentary on the themes discussed at THE OCEAN.

Invest in Bergen’s Tone Hartvedt took a few minutes to talk with podcast host, Linn Mevold.

Linn Mevold: How is it to be here at THE OCEAN?

Tone Hartvedt: These 2 days have been quite inspiring. It has given us quite a bit of insight into the latest developments within the ocean industries. This further motivates us to look to the future and see how we can attract relevant businesses that will further develop our region.

L: Has there been anything at the conference that could accelerate further investment into Greater Bergen?

T: We’ve seen an increase in attention and interest when it comes to certain sectors. Offshore wind, which has had a lot of traction, was mentioned during the conference. Hydrogen was also another hot topic that was discussed. So, the question is what kind of companies (domestic and international) can we attract to our region that could further develop these emerging value chains? Moreover, how can we position Greater Bergen to be an appealing hub for foreign investment?

Catch the full podcast interview in Norwegian

L: Seeing that the ocean is the theme here at THE OCEAN, is this a commercial theme that you’ve experienced success in?

T: Greater Bergen is already a hub for the ocean industries. There are companies that are settling down here and becoming part of our supply chain. We are enabling more companies to enter our region.   

L: THE OCEAN is quite a new conference. Does it have the potential to grow?

T: Absolutely. To have meeting places like this is inspiring, so I believe this conference will grow and develop over the next several years.      

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