Dancing in the street in Bergen. Norway is ranked the happiest country in the world.

Norway the happiest country in the world

We are proud to be living and working in the happiest country in the world. For the first time ever Norway has been ranked as number one country in the world.

New in this year’s World Happiness Report is that the report includes workplace happiness. Here work-life balance, job variety and the level of autonomy are significant drivers. Norway take the number one position despite the fact that the oil price has declined the last years. This shows that happiness is depending on much more than income.

Mutual trust, shared purpose, generosity and good governance are found in Norway and are characterizing the country.

The World Happiness Report 2017 ranks 156 countries. Norway ranks as the happiest country, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Finland, The Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden.

For more information, go to www.worldhappiness.report