- We are setting up a Norwegian company because of the possibilities of growing the company, says John Costantino (left) and Tony Chen

From USA to Bergen

– For us Bergen is the best place to be to develop our digital tools for aquaculture. Here in Bergen, we can easily meet with salmon companies, farms, and various government agencies all in the same place.

Tony Chen and John Costantino in Manolin already work collaboratively towards a more sustainable industry.

– We just hope to improve the communication between the entire industry through digital solutions. We hope the fish farmers can benefit from our platform and that our tool will give farmers better predictability, says Tony and John.

Manolin is creating a digital health management platform to accelerate the resource sharing between aquaculture farms to better treat, manage, and prevent health outbreaks. To develop their platform, Tony Chen and John Costantino has come to Bergen, Norway.

Setting up a Norwegian company

Right now Manolin is setting up a Norwegian company in addition to their US company because of the opportunities for growing the company here. The farmers, the data, and the ecosystem is perfect for an aquaculture startup.


Manolin has come to Bergen as part of the Hatch program. Hatch has invited eight international companies to their scaling program lasting three months this spring. Hatch is the world's first accelerator program focused on the aquaculture industry seeking to find, develop and scale talented and disruptive aquaculture startups. Hatch believes in an aquaculture industry capable of sustainable growth to meet global demand.

From USA to Bergen, Norway

Tony Chen and John Costantino has come from USA to Bergen, Norway to join the Hatch accelerator program and are glad to part of the Hatch family. For three months, they have only one aim and that is to scale their company and get customers.

Hatch contributes with mentoring, financial support, industry connections, product development, office space and know how on how to grow a company.