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The publication focuses on the latest exciting trends within the region, such as the move towards clean energy and greater digitalization.

New magazine shows off Norway’s shipping success

Western Norway’s shipping industry is being celebrated in a new online magazine.

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A Bergen-based company, Salmoncuts, is aiming to cut down on waste in the seafood industry.

These founders want you to eat more salmon

Two Norwegian entrepreneurs want to change the way we think about salmon offcuts.

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Two mobility hubs are already in operation in Bergen, and eight to nine others will soon be opened.

Bergen leads the way for shared mobility in Norway

In the cities of the future, it will not be possible for everyone to drive their own car. But, according to the City of Bergen, it does not mean that a city centre must be car-free.

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Norway's seafood industry is feeding the world.

Feeding the population of Canada every day

Norway produces a staggering 37 million seafood meals each day for the world.

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Norwegian companies take petroleum technology into renewable industries

The Norwegian offshore industry has given rise to some of the world’s leading maritime clusters. Now many of these are steering towards sustainability.

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The ships of tomorrow will look very different to the cruise liners of today.

What your cruise ship could look like in 2030 [video]

The cruise ships of the future could feature massive solar “sails”.

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Bryton Shang believes that the Greater Bergen region has a lot to offer startups.

Bergen and Silicon Valley – the perfect match

Greater Bergen should hold onto its unique strengths, according to one Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

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Tone Hartvedt at GreenByte, pictured with John Glette at BKK Digitek.

European network access now easier than ever

Greater Bergen’s main utility company has agreed a new deal that will make it easier than ever for data centers to connect to European fibre networks.

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Egil Ulvan Rederi's LNG-electric cargo ship.

Cleaner coastlines with green shipping

Although shipping is the most efficient mode of cargo transport, international shipping emitted 932 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2015. If treated as a country, it would have been the sixth largest emitter, just above Germany.

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Invest in Bergen met some of the players who are turning the town of Voss into an innovation hotspot. From the right: Alexander Solstad Ringheim, Invertapro; Thomas Hårklau, Kitemill; Hanne Heggen Hedenstad, Voss Business Park; Voss Mayor Hans Erik Ringkjøb, Svein Erik Aldal, Voss Business Park, Vidar Totland and Tone Hartvedt from Invest in Bergen

Adventure resort looks to new heights

Big things are happening in the small town of Voss, known as Norway’s adventure sports capital.

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Say hello to a new meeting place for the ocean industries in Greater Bergen.

Coming soon - a new arena for the ocean industries

THE OCEAN is a new meeting arena for sharing knowledge, cooperation and development of technology across the blue industries.

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Terje W. Gilje, the CEO of BOB BBL (far right), together with Anders Brekke, the company's Head of Business Development (middle).

New business cluster wants to change how you live

A new business cluster in Bergen is aiming to change how we buy, sell, build and manage our homes and offices.

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The company CO2Bio is developing more sustainable fish feed, using waste carbon dioxide. The company's CEO, Svein M Nordvik (pictured), explains how the process works.

Turning our carbon emissions into fish feed

A Norwegian company is using waste carbon dioxide to grow a very special crop.

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Andreas Morland has said that investors are

“Investment is at a completely new level”, says Bergen startup

According to one startup in the Bergen region, the city’s investment scene has never been more active.

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The NASF event in Bergen brings together around 800 seafood professionals from 30 countries.

Visiting the North Atlantic Seafood Forum? Here are some top tips

The North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) is the largest seafood business meet up in the world.

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Bryton Shang (pictured) and his team are developing software that can count the sea lice on farmed salmon, as well as measuring biomass and fish appetite.

Tomorrow’s fish farms may run themselves

Bryton Shang, a start-up founder from Silicon Valley, is on a mission to make Norway’s fish farms work better.

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The Kokstad Vest project involves building a data center, along with a new indoor arena and business park, on the outskirts of Bergen.

Bergen data centre project takes big step forwards

Plans for a new data centre and sustainable energy network in Bergen took a big step forward this month after the city’s top politicians recommended the scheme for approval.

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Cruise companies and other major industry players took part in a workshop in Bergen, to discuss the industry's climate impact.

Major cruise lines aiming to cut carbon emissions

The global cruise industry is now charting a new course, after the world’s largest cruise lines gathered in Bergen to discuss reducing their carbon emissions.

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Einar Wathne, Chairman of the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, and Tanja Hoel, the cluster's Managing Director, recently launched the organization's new strategy for 2019-2021.

“Match-making” service for Bergen seafood start-ups

Seafood start ups in the Bergen region could soon benefit from a match-making service, which will help them to find potential investors.

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The North Atlantic Seafood Forum will be coming to Bergen from 5-7 March.

Invest in Bergen is attending North Atlantic Seafood Forum

It’s called the world’s largest seafood business conference, and of course Invest in Bergen will be attending. We hope to meet you there.

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Ole Angell (left) and Lars Halvorsen from Semco Maritime.

Plans to create green energy from wind and waves

A company from Greater Bergen is partner in a project developing a new type of offshore windmill, which combines wind and wave power to generate renewable energy.

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Go-ahead for carbon storage project in North Sea

The Norwegian government has just given the go-ahead for a new, ground breaking project to store carbon dioxide gas under the North Sea.

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LMG Marin will deliver two battery hybrid ferries for London's Woolwich Ferry crossing. Photo © LMG Marin

Bergen companies team up on London electric ferry project

Companies from Bergen have worked together to deliver a pair of new, high tech ferries that will operate on London’s River Thames.

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Save the date – new ocean conference coming to Bergen!

Working in one of the ocean industries? Then you’ll want to pencil 17 September 2019 into your diary.

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Breaking down barriers with new network for women. From left: Annette Stephansen (NORCE), Katinka Bratland (BTO), Mona Leirgulen (BTO) and Marit Eggen (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)).

New network for women in sea and energy sectors

Women in the sea and energy sectors in western Norway have now gained a new network for career development.

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IKM Technology performs testing at the new Sustainable Energy centre in western Norway.

Western Norway gains new green energy test centre

Businesses in western Norway recently welcomed the launch of a new clean energy testing centre that will help them to become more competitive.

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Redink/Krister Sørbø

The Norwegian transport sector puts climate in the driving seat

The transportation sector is in transition all across the world. Norway has already come far in exploring sustainable solutions.

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Changing how seafood reaches your plate

It’s common knowledge that fish is good for you, and that we should include more of it in our diets. However, what you probably didn’t know is the story of how that fish reaches your dinner table.

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Fantastic day in Greater Bergen for Serge Buy (left). Here together with the ones behind the brand new electric ferry Husavik: Håvard Frøland, Corvus; Stein Ruben Larsen, Norwegian Electric System and Lars Conradi Andersen from Havyard.

Looking for clean ferry solutions

Canada is looking for the state of the art when it comes to zero emission solutions for ferries. Serge Buy from the Canadian Ferry Association (CFA) found answers in Greater Bergen.

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World-leading business group launches new identity

One of Greater Bergen’s business clusters, GCE Subsea, will soon be getting a brand new identity.

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Pop star gets inspiration from Bergen

Does Bergen make you happy? If so, you’re not the only one. Dance music star Kygo has just released a new music video that celebrates Bergen and its surroundings.

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Norway's Trolltunga beauty spot has become famous around the world. Photo © Sveinung Klyve /

Small companies have made Trolltunga a success

Until recently, the Trolltunga lookout spot received only a trickle of visitors each year, most of them coming from the surrounding Hardanger region of Norway.

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Seafood startups from the Hatch accelerator programme on their visit to Bergen

Seafood startups make a splash in Bergen

The large room at the back of Bergen’s Marineholmen building is a hive of activity.

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From left: Atle Sivertsen, Jan Erik Kjerpeseth, Stig Frode Opsvik, Minister of Trade and Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, Bent Gjendem, Rea Parashar and Simen Armond.

Celebrating a new centre of expertise in finance

It’s been barely a year since Bergen’s financial technology cluster was established, yet Finance Innovation has just received formal recognition as a Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE).

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The Mayor of Bergen, Marte Mjøs Persen, officially opens Bergen's new fintech incubator. Photo © Marthe Sivertsen, Finance Innovation

Bergen welcomes new fintech incubator

The Bergen region has just seen the launch of a new startup incubator with a difference.

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Norway, The Silicon Valley of the sea, says Reuters.

Norway: The Silicon Valley of the sea

In this article, Reuters are focusing on Norway’s ambitious plans for producing even more fish in the future. Norway has a leading position within salmon-farming, and Greater Bergen is the place to be if you want to be part of the industry.

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Norway’s subsea industry looks to new frontiers

Invest in Bergen met up with Owe Hagesæther, CEO of the GCE Subsea business cluster, to talk about the future of Norway’s subsea sector.

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Successful incubator will boost Bergen’s startup scene

Bergen’s startup environment will be getting a major boost next year, with the arrival of a business incubator that has already proven its formula for success.

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Energy to OG facility. Photo © TechnipFMC

New technology could make Norway’s oil and gas cleaner

The Norwegian oil and gas industry could be getting cleaner, thanks to a project that aims to store renewable energy under the sea.

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John Constantino (left) and Tony Chen, co-founders of aquaculture health company Manolin.

“There is no other place in the world like Bergen,” says start-up founder

The co-founder of one of Bergen’s newest aquaculture companies has stated that the city’s seafood ecosystem is unique around the world.

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Two centres will provide resources and testing facilities to firms in the Bergen region.

New catapult centres in Greater Bergen provide an ocean of possibilities

Two new catapult centres are being established in the Bergen region, which could bring exciting new possibilities for the area's maritime businesses.

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Waste CO2 from across Europe could be processed at Equinor's Kollsnes facility. (Photo © Helge Hansen / Equinor)

Greater Bergen could store CO2 for Europe

Could carbon from across Europe be stored in old oil wells in the North Sea? Equinor, together with Shell and Total, are currently exploring the possibilities on behalf of the Norwegian government.

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Norway's media companies bring robots and virtual reality to Amsterdam

Media companies from NCE Media with main office in Bergen, showed off robotic cameras, virtual reality and much more at an event in Amsterdam this week (13-18 September).

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Corvus with new factory in Bergen

Canadian-Norwegian energy storage solutions provider Corvus Energy expands battery production facilities in Vancouver, Canada and announces intentions to build a factory in Bergen, Norway. This is due to high demand for energy storage.

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The McKinsey Quarterly has dubbed Rumelt as a “Strategy’s Strategist,” and the Wall Street Journal has labeled him a “Guru”.

MCB Technology Conference

Save the dates June 21 and 22 for mcb tech .18, the first-ever Media City Bergen technology conference! None other than Richard Rumelt, Renowned Strategy Thought Leader, Business Professor and Author, will deliver the conference keynote.

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To glade karer etter at Regn Datacenters nå kan gå i gang med reguleringsplanarbeidet. Per Espen Edvardsen (t.v.) og Njaal Storeng gleder seg til neste fase.

Børdalen blir datasenterlokomotivet

– Børdalen er ett viktig skritt nærmere realisering av et høysikkert datasenter i Hordaland, etter at fylkesmannen har trukket innsigelsene til Kommuneplanens arealdel i Samnanger. Nå skal planene rulles ut så raskt som mulig.

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-  We are setting up a Norwegian company because of the possibilities of growing the company, says John Costantino (left) and Tony Chen

From USA to Bergen

– For us Bergen is the best place to be to develop our digital tools for aquaculture. Here in Bergen, we can easily meet with salmon companies, farms, and various government agencies all in the same place.

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The proud winner Jason Clark Fixed Phage to the right together with  Øystein Lie, NASF; Kristoffer Jordheim, Pareto Securities and Tanja Hoel NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

Innovation Award for fighting bacteria in aquaculture

In competition with 18 companies at Seafood Innovation Day NASF 2018, the seafood industry's own innovation award went to Scottish Innovation Company Fixed Phage, which develops products that can fight specific bacterial strains.

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Dette er Dale Fabrikker, som nå er på vei til å huse et nytt datasenter.

Datasenter etablert på Dale - flere kommer

Det første større internasjonale datasenteret har nå etablert seg i Bergensregionen. Det er de gamle lokalene til Dale fabrikker i Vaksdal kommune som har fått etableringen. Flere er på vei!

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11.7 Million Euros to all-electric passenger vessel

11.7 Million Euros is one of the largest amounts to have been awarded to a single project in the EU’s Horizon2020 research program, and the project will revolutionize Norwegian production of zero emission vessels.

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Engasjert i datasentre i Bergensregionen. Fra venstre  Hans Inge Gloppen og Bård Sandal, Hordaland fylkeskommune; Tone Hartvedt Invest in Bergen; Tore Mong prosjektleder for GreenByte; Ingrid von Streng Velken og Thor André Berg, BKK og Vidar Totland Invest in Bergen.

BKK, Hordaland fylkeskommune og Invest in Bergen sammen om datasentersatsing

Datasenterindustrien er i dag den raskest voksende kraftkrevende industrien på verdensbasis. Norge har mye grønn og billig kraft, dette er attraktivt for datasenteraktører verden over. Nå er GreenByte Data Center Sites etablert.

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This is Hatch, a new accelerator for aquaculture companies, just settled in Bergen.

New, blue accelerator

Hatch is a new exciting company that just has landed in Greater Bergen. They are keen on developing the ecosystem for innovation within the aquaculture industry, and are looking worldwide for companies wanting to scale their business.

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REGN Datacenter, Samnanger Municipality and Invest in Bergen were all present at the presentation of fibre cable NO-UK COM in London. The purpose was to find investors.

The future is electric

About 50 investors and people interested in fibre and data centres were gathered in the Norwegian embassy in London to get to know the Western Norwegian initiative for a new fibre cable to UK.

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This brochur is presenting the data centres in Grater Bergen.

Selling data centres in London

The data centre industry is growing fast, and it is expected that several new data centres will be established during the next years. Greater Bergen has a huge surplus of hydropower and attractive energy prices. Thursday 18 January we promote our data centre locations in London.

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Join us on our Seafood innovation day March 8 in Bergen, Norway and meet with exciting start-ups.

Seafood Innovation Day 2018

10 start-ups within the seafood sector have qualified to pitch their business ideas and participate in speed-dating with potential financial sources and partners at the Seafood Innovation Day at North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF). The Innovation Award has a value of NOK 250,000.

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Er det mulig å lande et datasenter i Bergensregionen og i Hordaland? Vi har laget mulighetsstudien.

Ambisjonen er å lande datasentre

Datasenterrapporten som Invest in Bergen akkurat har sluppet, konkluderer med at det er grunnlag for å jobbe videre med en felles regionambisjon om å få realisert ett eller flere datasentre i løpet av de første to til tre årene.

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Vidar Totland i Invest in Bergen viser frem den fiberkabelen som kan bli lagt til Storbritannia.

Hvis fremtiden er digital, trenger vi robust fibernett

Skal bilene bli førerløse, kjøleskap gi beskjed om at vi trenger melk og skal vi utvikle avansert robotteknologi, ja da trenger vi et fiberoptisk nett som fungerer, og lagringsplass for alle dataene.

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Hans Parnefält in Hardcruise in the front and Ove Wilhelmsen in Wärtsilä Ship Design are discussing how the can build environmentally friedly cruise boats for the Hardanger fjord.

Environmentally friendly cruise boats at Hardanger fjord

This can be the future solution for cruise boats at the famous Norwegian fjord. Just now, Wärtsilä and Hardcruise are developing a new concept for environmentally friendly cruise solutions.

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Norwegian companies within the ocean industries met with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore who has ambisious plans for the port.

Norwegian environmental technology showcased in Singapore

The Norwegian maritime cluster has a world-leading position within electrification, implementation of new energy carriers and technology that reduces emissions. These solutions are now exported to the rest of the world.

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Ten new companies have been accepted in the ACCEL programme.

Great success with ACCEL Seafood

ACCEL Seafood 2016 was a great succes. The entrepreneurs represent much of the innovative force of the industry. Our goal is to be an important driving force for providing new opportunities for the supply sector in Norway, and we have invited start-ups to join our 2017 ACCEL Seafood.

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Join The Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) in Bergen, Norway this summer. Great for new technology and for networking. Photo: UTC

Join The Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) in June

UTC is a widely recognised conference, which attracts participants from all parts of the petroleum community.

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Our new brochure presenting the businesses in Greater Bergen.

New brochure promoting businesses in Greater Bergen

We are proud to present a brand new brochure about the businesses in our region. Learn more about how to join the pioneers in technology and sustainability.

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There is a big seafood conference in Bergen 26-27 October. Main focus: sustainability.

Scaling up action on sustainability

"A profound change of the global food and agriculture system is needed to nourish today’s 765 million hungry and the additional 2 billion people expected by 2050" — UN Sustainable Development Goal #2

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Innovasjonsuken OPP 25. til 30. september 2017. Her er fra Bergen Teknologioverføing og Nyskapingsparken. Foto: Bergen Teknologioverføring/C Foto

Innovasjonsuken OPP 25. til 30. september 2017

OPP er en årlig feiring av entreprenørskap, i tett samarbeid med lokale samarbeidspartnere. Dette er en arena for nyskaping, innovasjon initiativ fra mange gode krefter i Bergensregionen. Vi håper at OPP kan være en plattform for nettverksbygging, kompetansedeling og fremsnakking.

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Stein Irgens, regional director at IBM,  and Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media

IBM selected partner for Media City Bergen Media Lab

IBM has been selected as the lead technology partner for NCE Media. The Norwegian Media Cluster will build their innovation platform on IBM Cloud.

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- Det er denne fiberkabelen vi vil legge til Storbritannia, sier Invest in Bergens Vidar Totland. Prosjektet NO-UK er kommet langt, og kan stå ferdig alt i 2019.

- Vi vil bygge fiber til Storbritannia

Regjeringen går inn for å bevilge 100 millioner kroner til ny fiber mellom Norge og utlandet. Englandskabelen NO-UK er kommet lengst, og kan stå ferdig i 2019. Invest in Bergen, BKK og Hordaland fylkeskommune har stått sammen om dette prosjektet i vår region.

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Media lab is launched in Bergen

A world class media lab for cutting edge innovation and research has now been opened in Bergen, Norway. The new lab represents a vital tool for developing a strong, global industry, enhancing innovation and grow future successes.

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220 students from the University of Bergen and a range of different startups, are now co-located under the same roof in the new science park, Media City Bergen™, in the city center of Bergen, Norway. Photo: NCE Media

Empowering stories

Media City Bergen™ is a leading, international hub for media and technology innovation, powered by the Norwegian Media Cluster and consisting of over 90 members.

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Digital graphics give easy access to the outcome of complex analyses of vast amounts of data.

Fighting sea lice with artificial intelligence

War against the common challenge, the sea lice, has inspired some of the major players in aquaculture to cooperate. AquaCloud is a digital answer that is expected to create huge business value for the industry.

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“Ampere”: Norway’s first modern electric ferry has already traveled a distance equal to three times around the world. This ferry alone saves a million litres of diesel a year.  Photo: Paal Kvamme

A revolution in the fjords

Zero-emissions technology is making Norwegian fjords even more beautiful.

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GREENHOUSE: - I am convinced that microalgaes can revolutionize the fish farming industry, says Hans Kleivdal (second from the left). Here at the Mongstad test centre, with Jeroen de Vree (University of Bergen University), Dorinde Kleinegris (Uni Research) and Tom Roger Lid (CO2Bio). Photo: Thor Brødreskift for the University of Bergen

Feeding the future

They are only a thousandth of a millimeter. Yet, microalgaes might revolutionize the world’s food production.

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This is the Sixty team, now launching the Ease Live worldwide. Exiting!

Sixty Raises Millions to Launch Ease Live onto The World Stage

Financial investor Edvin Austbø via Alden AS and Vanguard Invest AS and Mowinckel Management AS, invests a total of NOK 26 million in Sixty. A Bergen based media tech company.

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- Hvis Vestlandet lykkes med å bygge en posisjon som en grønn region for store globale datasentre, vil det gi regionen en fremtidsrettet og offensiv posisjon i det grønne skiftet, sier Ingrid Von Streng Velken konserndirektør for innovasjon og utvikling i BKK.

Hvis fremtiden er digital, trenger vi mer fiber

Skal Bergensregionen og Hordaland henge med i den digitale utviklingen vi alt er langt inne i, har regionen behov for flere og forsterkede digitale motorveier inn og ut av Vestlandsregionen. Invest in Bergen bidrar nå aktivt inn i utviklingen av NO-UK COM AS.

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SeafoodGroup AS collaborate with SIFT Group, which has developed a technology called Super Intensive Farming Technology. The solution consists of shallow water raceways stacked vertically.

Pioneers in fish farming

Can sustainable fish farming on shore help feed the world? Several companies are now applying for concession to farm Atlantic salmon in sustainable closed constructions on shore. SeafoodGroup AS is one of them.

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Dancing in the street in Bergen. Norway is ranked the happiest country in the world.

Norway the happiest country in the world

We are proud to be living and working in the happiest country in the world. For the first time ever Norway has been ranked as number one country in the world.

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The Mayor of Bergen Marte Mjøs Persen opening Ocean Industries Accelerator (OIA), with Hilde Indresøvde, Nyskapingsparken (left) and Tanja Hoel from NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

Crossover arena for ocean innovation

The brand new Ocean Industries Accelerator (OIA) is a unique place for start-up companies in the ocean industries to work together and to share competence.

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The Brazilian subsea company visited Odda and Bergen. The company is considering moving to Western Norway.

Easy Subsea to Greater Bergen?

The Brazilian subsea company Easy Subsea has visited Bergen and Odda in the past few days, looking to establishing their company in Greater Bergen. We were glad to welcome them.

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Minster of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland  (left) and Prime Minster Erna Solberg launch a new ocean strategy in Bergen.

Prime Minister launches new ocean strategy in Bergen

The ocean industries are strong in Norway. With its new ocean strategy, the Norwegian Government facilitates more research, innovation and technological development to create new businesses and jobs.

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Effektive planprosesser er sendt ut til ordførere og rådmenn i regionen.

Hvordan få realisert flere utbyggingsplaner?

Hvordan kan utbyggere og kommunene få til gode planprosesser for å kunne realisere nye prosjekter? Den nye brosjyren Effektive planprosesser er et bidrag til større forståelse og arbeidsmetodikk.

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Large new commercial areas available just north of Bergen. Here is the owner Tommy Gulbrandsøy (left) with Invest in Bergen's Vidar Totland.

Large commercial areas available north of Bergen

Greater Bergen offers a variety of commercial areas close to the city. Nordhordland Commercial Park is one of the biggest areas, and includes properties at the seafront and along the northbound main road.

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Jakter nye selskap

Invest in Bergen har én hovedoppgave: Få flere nasjonale og internasjonale bedrifter til å etablere seg i Bergen og Hordaland. Invest in Bergen skal markedsføre regionen og hjelpe bedrifter til rette i kommunene og bistå dem som ønsker det.

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Vi kan snart avsløre hvilke selskap som besøkte bergen i fjor høst. De kommer hit.

Nyetablering i Bergensregionen

I desember hadde vi besøk av representanter for den svenske delen av et stort internasjonalt selskap som er utstyrsleverandører til sjømatnæringen. De har å fattet beslutning om å etablere seg i vår region.

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Her forteller Nofimas Tor Andreas Samuelsen om finessene i laboratoriet.

Japansk fact-finding tour

Invest in Bergen og NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster har hatt besøk av et stort japansk selskap på jakt etter investeringsobjekter. De beskriver selv selskapet som et konglomerat som investere i mange ulike bransjer. Nå står marin næring på dagsorden.

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- Nå er vi ett skritt nærmere kråkebolleoppdrett i Austevoll, sier administrerende direktør Giampiero Scanu i Troms Kråkebolle.

Ett skritt nærmere kråkebolleoppdrett

Verden vil ha kråkeboller. Det kan Troms Kråkebolle eksportere fra Norge i stor skala, når planarbeidet som nå settes i gang i Austevoll blir fullført.

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