The new cable, running between Newcastle and Stavanger, will help to make Norway's fibre network faster and more resilient.

UK-Norway cable will be “door opener” for data centres

A new undersea cable will soon link the UK and western Norway, providing a boost for data centres in the Greater Bergen region.

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From left: Trond Helge Hansen from Ocean Rim, Mimmi Throne-Holst from SINTEF Ocean, Christian Testman from Ocean Visuals (NOSCA Chairman), Hildur Smáradottir from Miros (NOSCA board member), Geir Christian Helgesen from FRAMO (NOSCA board member), and NOSCA Clean Oceans cluster leader Eirik Langeland.

Bergen cluster wants to be “world leader” on ocean plastic

A new business cluster in Bergen wants to take a leading role in cleaning up plastic in our oceans.

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Norwegian company REGN Datacenters are planning to build a new data centre in Samnanger, which will be powered by sustainable hydroelectric energy.

Data centre project celebrates important milestone

Plans for a new data centre in the Bergen region passed an important milestone recently, as politicians gave their approval to zoning plans for the area.

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John Fitzgerald is developing a new type of fish cage that will allow salmon producers to move out into the open ocean.

Irish engineer could solve Norway’s problems

An engineer from Dublin may have a solution to some of the challenges facing Norwegian salmon farmers.

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Brian Reddy (left) from the startup company Kinnva, together with Ben Steele from Invest in Bergen.

Singapore startup sets up a new branch in Bergen

Kinnva is the latest company to move to our region, with the help of the team at Invest in Bergen.

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