Terje W. Gilje, the CEO of BOB BBL (far right), together with Anders Brekke, the company's Head of Business Development (middle).

New business cluster wants to change how you live

A new business cluster in Bergen is aiming to change how we buy, sell, build and manage our homes and offices.

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The company CO2Bio is developing more sustainable fish feed, using waste carbon dioxide. The company's CEO, Svein M Nordvik (pictured), explains how the process works.

Turning our carbon emissions into fish feed

A Norwegian company is using waste carbon dioxide to grow a very special crop.

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Andreas Morland has said that investors are

“Investment is at a completely new level”, says Bergen startup

According to one startup in the Bergen region, the city’s investment scene has never been more active.

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The NASF event in Bergen brings together around 800 seafood professionals from 30 countries.

Visiting the North Atlantic Seafood Forum? Here are some top tips

The North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) is the largest seafood business meet up in the world.

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Bryton Shang (pictured) and his team are developing software that can count the sea lice on farmed salmon, as well as measuring biomass and fish appetite.

Tomorrow’s fish farms may run themselves

Bryton Shang, a start-up founder from Silicon Valley, is on a mission to make Norway’s fish farms work better.

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