A vital international shipping industry with new technology

Bergen is a lead player in international shipping. Shipping companies in Bergen and Norway have focused on developing new and innovative technology in the maritime industry for generations.

The Bergen community has a complete, dynamic and progressive shipping industry with a solid cluster of services, broad knowledge and competence. Shipping is an important part of the ocean industry in the region.

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Shipping has played a major role in the business environment in Greater Bergen for generations. The city and Norway has been at the forefront of maritime technological development. Such as LNG-fueled vessels. The region is a leader in developing hybrid technology and other environmentally friendly solutions for transportation at sea.

Solid maritime cluster

Greater Bergen boasts a complete maritime cluster that includes:

  • some of the world’s leading ship owner companies
  • Norway’s largest port
  • Norway’s largest fleet
  • strong research institutions and several maritime studies
  • headquarters for the Norwegian Naval Academy
  • legal service
  • shipbrokers
  • marine insurance
  • ship traders
  • ship management
  • shipping equipment
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