A pioneering environment for sustainable maritime solutions

Maritime companies working with clean technology solutions contribute to continued excellence in the industry in Greater Bergen. The businesses in Western Norway collaborate to develop state of the art energy-efficient and environmentally friendly maritime solutions.

NCE Maritime CleanTech (NCE MCT) is a world-leading cluster for clean maritime solutions. The cluster organisation uses the Norwegian maritime expertise, built up over generations, as a springboard for the development of new energy-efficient and environmental friendly technologies. We focus on establishing sustainable innovation projects with commercial potential, and work together for new clean maritime solutions.

The world’s first all-electric ferry

Ampere is the first battery-operated ferry in the world. It has been serving a connection on Sognefjorden since March 2015, and has reduced fuel costs for the operator by 60 to 70 per cent. Its success has opened up the Norwegian ferry market: now all new public ferry contracts will feature low or zero emission technology.

The new sea metro

The Urban Water Shuttle is ideal for public transportation in cities located by the sea or waterways. This is a zero-emission, fast-going vessel using zero emission technology. A prototype of the Urban Water Shuttle is currently under development.

Efficient sea logistics

The Short Sea Pioneer is a revolutionary new way of transporting goods at sea. It consists of two ship types: a mother vessel and daughter/feeder vessels, both running on LNG or with a hybrid/battery solution. The combined the use of these ships can move cargo transportation from roads to sea.

Cooperation for innovation

Close to 70 industry companies, research and educational institutions and public bodies in the Greater Bergen work together through the cluster organisation NCE Maritime CleanTech to develop new technologies through innovation. Together they establish joint projects to launch new technologies and solutions.