A pioneering environment for sustainable maritime solutions

Maritime companies working with clean technology solutions contribute to continued excellence in the industry in Greater Bergen. 

Companies located in Greater Bergen and the Hordaland region make up a complete maritime cluster, including shipbuilding, and the maritime industry is currently among the region’s most global, innovative and forward-looking industries. These companies are at the forefront in terms of developing and deploying technologies and concepts that contribute to lower emissions and a better environment.

The green shift we are currently seeing in the maritime market, amongst other from the electrification of the Norwegian ferry fleet, contributes to a strengthening value creation in the industry and give it a competitive edge globally.

Innovation through collaboration

The region is the home of the business cluster NCE Maritime CleanTech - a world-leading cluster for clean maritime solutions. The cluster organisation uses the Norwegian maritime expertise, built up over generations, as a springboard for the development of new energy-efficient and environmental friendly technologies.

NCE Maritime CleanTech focus on establishing sustainable innovation projects with commercial potential, and work together for new clean maritime solutions. With close to 70 membership companies covering the entire maritime value chain the cluster is one of the world’s most complete maritime business hubs. Amongst the concepts developed in the cluster are the world’s first all electrical ferry, the first offshore vessel with a hybrid/battery solution and the world’s first wireless charging system for batteries onboard ships.

Watch the Urban Water Shuttle video. 

The project objectives are reduced urban conjunction, reduced emissions and reduced city infrastructure costs. The Urban Water Shuttle could be realized in cities with coastline located close to water and waterways, and the concept is therefore relevant for many cities.


Greater Bergen highlights

  • One of the few regions in Europe with a complete maritime cluster
  • A Government that has ambitious environmental goals for the maritime industry.
  • A leading position in maritime R&D
  • Risk-willing ship owners and investors
  • Many yards and ship equipment manufacturers with innovative technology for reducing emissions
  • An industry that has taken a leading position globally within battery/hybrid technology.
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