Secure, low cost HPC platform

Greater Bergen has several sites for data centers tailor-made for High Performance Computing (HPC) operations. The sites have purpose-made energy infrastructure, 100% uptime power supply and 100% renewable power. 

Data centre operators and their customers are looking for sustainable solutions for keeping their data. In Greater Bergen we have developed green energy infrastructure for data centres with fossil-free back up power.  This is a unique offer for HPC data centers. 

Green, sustainable power is an important asset for Greater Bergen, and with our hydropower resources, we can deliver some of Europe’s most favorable energy prices. This reliable and sustainable power can be used to fuel the continent’s increasing computing demand.

We can also offer a local partner for energy infrastructure development and service. 

Several of our sites have short time to market. 

Excellent connectivity to UK and the US

Our data center sites come with dark fibre access as a matter of course, along with redundant fibre connections.

With regards to latency, connections between Bergen and UK, the US and the rest of the world are excellent.


GreenByte is the organization responsible for facilitating for data centers in Greater Bergen. 


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