Dale data centre site

Dale offers ample computing power already available at site at 0.4 kV level. At Dale your data centre could be up and running approximately 12 weeks after your decision to invest. 

Dale is an old industrial village that has been developed based on the hydropower plants of the valley. Industrial buildings, ideal for data centres can be offered, and the commercial owner is ready to offer you infrastructure services. Dale also offers undeveloped areas for your purpose to build a datacentre.

Dale is about 50 minutes drive from Bergen city centre and the airport, and there is also a regular train connection between Dale and Bergen.


Site in brief

Industrial park: Dale Fabrikker (web in Norwegian). Suitable building for data centres. Option for water cooling. BKK hydropower production area.

Area size:      

Available indoor area for data centre: Up to                                        10 000 m2 - concrete and steel structure. Available               outdoor area: 4 000 m2. Available cold water for cooling through our existing water infrastructure. The heated water may be recycled and sold/distributed to nearby public institutions to replace use of fossil fuel used for heating.

Owner today

One commercial owner, Dale Fabrikker AS.

Possible start date:    

Approximately 12 weeks

How much of the land is settled/filled:          


Gradient of the land:  


Drainage situation:    



Electrical power today:

Electrical power today: 20 MW at 22kV today. 20 MW at 0.4 kV within approx. 12 weeks

Possible to upgrade: 

2018: 100 MW+ at 0.4 kV can be made available


Fiber situation today: 

BKK Redundant present at grid connection point. Dark fiber & DWDM available.