Børdalen data centre site – Big Data Valley

Børdalen is a greenfield data centre site, currently under zoning. The site is approximately
60.000 m2 with a potential 100MV of surplus electrical power available in six to nine months. Possible start-up between April and June 2018.

Børdalen is located in the municipality of Samnanger, approximately 40 minutes from the centre of Bergen City, situated in one of the major hydropower production areas in Greater Bergen.

Establishing your data centre in Børdalen, will allow for convenient access to the city facilities of Bergen, an international airport and other vital infrastructure located in the region. There is also redundant fibre connectivity available.


Site in brief:               

Green field plot - under zoning to datacenter use. Hydropower production area.

Area size               

Approx. 60 000 m2 in total.

Owner today    

REGN Datacenters, commercial owner

Possible start date     

April - June 2018

How much of the land is settled/filled           

None/Not filled

Gradient of the land   


Drainage situation




Electrical power today

100 MW 

Possible to upgrade

200 MW could be available in 2019



Fibre situation today  

Redundant fibre 300 meters from site. Operator diversity is possible. Dark fiber & DWDM available.