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The ARV-i tetherless drone can continuously monitor underwater assets (Photo © Transmark Subsea)

New Underwater Drone

As home of the ocean industries, Greater Bergen is ideally suited for key maritime operations and infrastructure. With the ARV-i tetherless drone, underwater activity in these vital industries can potentially be continuously monitored and supported.

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Black smoker chimneys at the Fåvne hydrothermal vent field, Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge (Photo © Trond Mohn Centre for Deep-Sea Research/University of Bergen)

Eco-Safe Ridge Mining Project will Fill Key Knowledge Gaps

The University of Bergen, in collaboration with various organisations, will coordinate the Eco-Safe Ridge Mining Project. This project will fill key knowledge gaps, evaluate risks, and identify appropriate mitigation actions regarding deep-sea mining.

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A new offshore wind project is getting 28 MNOK to develop more efficient and thorough application processes so that the development of offshore wind can proceed more quickly in the oceans outside of western and southern Norway.

28 million to faster offshore wind

Companies in Greater Bergen are engaged in offshore wind. Experience from oil, gas and maritime sector are now being transformed and used in offshore wind. There are many options also for foreign companies to be part of a growing supply chain.

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