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Over the last few weeks we have had several interesting inquiries from companies who regard Greater Bergen as an interesting place for their next move, says Vidar Totland (left), Tone Hartvedt and Ben  Steele in Invest in Bergen.

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The whole world is having a hard time coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, people and companies are trying to look for opportunities that will come on the other side of COVID-19.

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Renewable energy flows through Norway

Norway is primarily powered by hydropower. Norwegian innovators are, however, also developing other renewables and the technology to make them work.

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Tarald Kleppa Øvrebø checks on ShrimpVision's first batch of king prawns, at the High Technology Centre in Bergen.

Bergen shrimp farmers are aiming big

These young shrimp farmers from Bergen are taking on the giants of Asia and South America, by focusing on quality and sustainability.

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10 reasons to set up your business in Greater Bergen

Norway is a safe and well organized country to do business in. 

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