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Digital graphics give easy access to the outcome of complex analyses of vaste amounts of data.

Fighting sealice with artificial intelligence

War against the common challenge, the sealice, has inspired some of the major players in aquaculture to cooperate. AquaCloud is a digital answer that is expected to create huge business value for the industry.

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“Ampere”: Norway’s first modern electric ferry has already traveled a distance equal to three times around the world. This ferry alone saves a million litres of diesel a year.  Photo: Paal Kvamme

A revolution in the fjords

Zero emission technology is making Norwegian fjords even more beautiful.

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GREENHOUSE: - I am convinced that microalgaes can revolutionize the fish farming industry, says Hans Kleivdal (second from the left). Here at the Mongstad test centre, with Jeroen de Vree (University of Bergen University), Dorinde Kleinegris (Uni Research) and Tom Roger Lid (CO2Bio). Photo: Thor Brødreskift for the University of Bergen

Feeding the future

They are only a thousandth of a millimeter. Yet, microalgaes might revolutionize the world’s food production.

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