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Bergen has a long history as a centre of trade and commerce for Norway (Photo c/o Sverre Hjørnevik, FjordNorge)

4 Reasons Why Greater Bergen is the Home of the Ocean Industries

The city of Bergen was the site of THE OCEAN 2021. This annual conference hosts the leading minds and authorities in the ocean industries under one roof, or multiple roofs since this year’s event was a hybrid of live presentations and interactive live streaming.

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A view inside of Nordic Circle's Superdock pilot project that was made from upcycled steel (Photo c/o Nordic Circles)

Nordic Circles: Upcycling steel for new industries

Bergen has always been an asset for Norway’s oil and gas operations. But, as more ships, rigs and platforms are decommissioned, their removal and recycling can have harmful consequences. Nordic Circles proposes solving this issue through upcycling instead of recycling.

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Linn Mevold (l) interviewing Tone Hartvedt from Invest in Bergen (r) about THE OCEAN and the ocean industries in Greater Bergen (Photo c/o Invest in Bergen)

Invest in Bergen joins in THE OCEAN podcast

Invest in Bergen attended THE OCEAN conference. This event brought together renowned leaders, innovators, academics, and entrepreneurs within the ocean industries for two days of presentations and knowledge sharing.

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10 reasons to set up your business in Greater Bergen

Norway is a safe and well organized country to do business in. 

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