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Hanøytangen, Semco Maritime's dry dock and multiple-purpose assembly site (Photo courtesy of Semco Maritime)

Semco Maritime: Staying Competitive within Renewable Wind

It’s common knowledge that the world’s oil and gas reserves are limited and that their excessive use will have a negative environmental impact. Recognising this, Semco Maritime has made its own strides in the global, environment-focused transition known as “the green shift”. With its growing knowledge base and increasing expertise in renewable wind energy, Semco Maritime’s pledge has been to offer value to its customers.

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The International School of Bergen (Photo courtesy of ISB)

The International School of Bergen: Teaching Diversity and Inclusion

As Norway’s second-largest city, Bergen is a vibrant multicultural metropolitan. While Norway’s school system is excellent, it can naturally prove challenging for students who are new to the country. Helping students with these challenges has thus been one of the driving forces behind the International School of Bergen (ISB).

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The Dealflow team (Photo courtesy of  Siv-Elin Skoglund, Opplett)

Dealflow: Helping Start-ups through Equity Crowdfunding

Norway is a hotbed for innovative start-ups in various fields and industries. Despite the potential for innovation, start-ups are not risk-free endeavours, meaning funding for them is often not easy to come by. Thanks to Dealflow, a Bergen-based firm, Norwegian start-ups and scale-ups can now get their chance.

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