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Norway is a safe and well organized country to do business in. 

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Terje W. Gilje, the CEO of BOB BBL (far right), together with Anders Brekke, the company's Head of Business Development (middle).

New business cluster wants to change how you live

A new business cluster in Bergen is aiming to change how we buy, sell, build and manage our homes and offices.

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The company CO2Bio is developing more sustainable fish feed, using waste carbon dioxide. The company's CEO, Svein M Nordvik (pictured), explains how the process works.

Turning our carbon emissions into fish feed

A Norwegian company is using waste carbon dioxide to grow a very special crop.

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Andreas Morland has said that investors are

“Investment is at a completely new level”, says Bergen startup

According to one startup in the Bergen region, the city’s investment scene has never been more active.

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